A chapbook-length interview in which Marcelo Holot answers six questions posed by Doreen Stock covering his early years, his life as a student protester during the Dirty Wars, and also his subsequent career as a journalist in Buenos Aires. 

Published in a first edition of 80 copies by Mine Gallery Editions of Fairfax, California. Printed and bound by Norfolk Press, San Francisco, California

THREE TALES FROM THE ARCHIVES OF LOVE, a triptych of historical novellas

Book Launch for MY NAME IS Y: Book Passage, Corte Madera, October 13th 2019, at 1pm

"With her poet’s pen, Doreen Stock brings her own remembered experience to life on every page of this haunting memoir—the story of a woman navigating her daily roles as wife, mother, writer, political activist. Each word waxes rich with the everyday texture of living—the quiet moments between husband and wife, the family breakfast rituals, the soccer matches, the fragrance of violets. Because Ms. Stock conveys so vividly the sanctity of each observed moment, her book also conveys her deep concern with all that threaten to destroy it—the guns, the nuclear threat. More than a memoir, really, My Name is Ycontemplates what it means to be awake to the beauty and the challenge of being alive in our own times".
– Jaqueline Kudler, 
Poet,Memoir and Literature Instructor, College of Marin

"The voice is lyrical and the overall tone poignant, with even moments of joy often being threaded through with an awareness of complicity in and responsibility to stand against the world’s injustices."

- Kirkus Review

IN PLACE OF ME, Poems Selected and with an Introduction by Jack Hirschman. 

Printed 2019 in a first edition of 150 copies and published by Norfolk Press, San Francisco, California



Doreen Stock in conversation with Marcelo Holot

Printed in a first edition of 80 copies and published in 2018 by Norfolk Press, San Francisco, California. Available for purchase at Norfolk Press: https://norfolkpress.com/three-tales-from-the-archives-of-love-doreen-stock/


Doreen Stock has contributed important literary works of poetry, memoir and essays for more than four decades. Her reflection on both social and political issues in the post-modern era provide powerful insights into the deeply personal considerations of moral and ethical boundaries and what it means to be alive in heart and mind. Stock turns the many-faceted prism of a feminist perspective, from that of mother and lover, to that of an impassioned witness of global events. She speaks as a resident of many nations - Israel, Greece, and the US - and as a literary translator.

With a forward by poet/activist Jack Hirschman, In Place of Me is a collection of the most thought-provoking and relevant poems from her work to date. Appearing with works selected by Hirschman from chapbooks spanning ten years’ of writing, In Place of Me underscores the power and depth of Stock’s work. As a collection, the poems deliver an extraordinary lens to review the high-speed events that ushered in the twenty-first century, and her reckoning of unsettling times gives us the weight to pause and consider how we live now.

In Place of Me (Mine Gallery Editions/June 2015/ISBN 978-0-9909203-1-1/Trade Paperback $18.00) available for purchase on Amazon: HERE