A Review For Three Tales From The Archives of Love:

"A rousing retrospective of the more recent work of a prolific poet, by turns wide-ranging and piercing...A forceful argument for Stock’s growing relevance as a West Coast poet".  –Kirkus Review

"This book finds its origin in a handful of artifacts: a pair of letters from medieval Europe, a stone inscription from imperial Rome, and an assortment of papyri from ancient Egypt. These treasures bear traces of the lives of a trio of extraordinary women: a convert to Judaism forced to carry on after her husband’s death; a Jerusalemite captured and sent to Rome after the fall of the Great Temple; and an Egyptian slave who builds a family and a home with the Jewish priest who takes her as his bride. In this collection, Stock (In Place of Me, 2015, etc.) takes the stories—whose contours are merely hinted at in the artifacts themselves—and fleshes them out, extrapolating lives and worlds from ancient etchings on rock, paper, and parchment. For too long, the history of Jews (and gentiles, for that matter) has focused on men, and one of Stock’s goals in building out her tales is to give voice to the women whose lives made up so much of the rich tapestry of Judaism."

Interview with Doreen Stock:

A Review For In Place of Me:

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